Hello, I'm Jankowski Michal.

I’m a founder, author, developer, husband, minimalist and soon a father.

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    I focus on performance.

    I create models to help myself and others retain their lives by creating extraordinary performance. It concerns:

    • learning new skills
    • delivering results
    • health and biohacking

    In times when the amount of information overwhelms us, it is critical to filter out things that can be used practically. That is why I build my models on mechanisms simple enough to execute. 

    These are 20% of things that I believe anyone should focus on to receive an 80% improvement in results. 

    These elements are not easy, but they are practical, and the change comes from execution.

    I focus on repeatable models. They are not field-specific and can be repeated by different people. Only such models have sense because I can pass them to my family and friends and make sure they will give them similar results.

    System simplicity is the third critical aspect. Whole model should be free from the necessity of sophisticated planning. Such an approach allows for narrowing focus on execution, and that is where energy should be burned.


    Keto Feed

    Keto Feed is second of my main projects. It’s a mobile ketogenic meal plans generator done together with Mateusz Ostręga. Beta release is planned by the end of August 2020.

    More Soon

    Head To Toe

    Head To Toe is one of main projects I’m currently  working on. It is a mobile training app done together with Benita and Kamil from treningnaturalny.com. Beta release is planned by the end of August 2020.

    More Soon

    More Soon