VetPassion – Veterinary Clinic

The WHY behind Vet Passion

We love animals. And anything bad that happens to them is not their fault. And the project has few WHYs behind it:

Doctor friendly environment

My goal in this project to create an environment where Veterinarians can focus on their work where problems not related to animal treatment won’t bother them. We want to give them opportunities to grow as doctors.

Educating the owners

No matter how good doctor can do in the office – the owner is the person who has the biggest impact on animals live. This is why we place a great emphasis on educating the owners.

Share knwoledge widely

We want to be transparent, share our approach and our knowledge via internet. We share knwodlege about 1. animal care, 2. career and education advices for Veterinarians and 3. advices about running the clicnics.

Homeles animals

Part of our business is aimed to help animals that don’t have their owners and happy homes. We do this by direct help and education on how to prevent these situations and what to do when you see homeless / hurt animal.

Where are we at this?

We are starting. So most of these things are in back of our head and approach of how we do things. They are our own commandments for how to do things. More soon.

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